Tearoom in a charming historic setting

During his lifetime, the virtuoso cellist François Servais regularly gave concerts in various countries. In our tea room, you’ll find an assortment of teas that clearly recall his many travels through the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Russia, France, Austria and his fascination with Japan.
The selection of teas has been carefully put together by Ann Vansteenkiste of Curiosithee. This tea sommelier and trained herbalist is delighted to share her passion for tea. Enjoy the subtle flavours and harmonious blends.

Afternoon Tea

Did you know that the custom of afternoon tea among the British population has been established since 1840, when the Villa Servais was built. Queen Victoria of Great Britain didn’t usually want to wait for dinner to be served and would have a small afternoon meal prepared for herself, consisting of bread, butter, whipped cream, biscuits and cakes. She invited her friends to enjoy all the goodies. The concept of afternoon tea was born.